Just Peacemaking Emphasis

Terrorism, interreligious conflict, scarcity of resources, abuse of human rights, domestic violence, church splits. Our contexts, from local to global and interpersonal to international, put to Christians the question: How can we be peacemakers as Jesus called us?

At Fuller we pursue answers to this question passionately, and we look to we look to the triune God, in particular the peacemaking way of Jesus, for guidance. This focus asks that we think beyond the conventional dichotomy between just war and pacifism to see that Just Peacemaking is about the everyday lives of disciples, guided by the power of the Spirit, and the initiatives we should take to address all kinds of human conflict. Our faculty – innovators in the fields of peacemaking, ministries of reconciliation, and interfaith work – in conjunction with the Just Peacemaking Initiative will help you engage difficult questions biblically, theologically, and practically.

Will you follow Jesus as he calls us to be peacemakers today?

Beginning in the Fall of 2014, Fuller will offer an emphasis in Just Peacemaking for many of its Masters degrees, beginning with the redesigned MDiv.

Required Courses

The coursework in this emphasis begins with a solid base in the introductory level Christian ethics course (ET501), which outfits the student with a holistic theological vision for approaching Christian ethics and a set of tools for analyzing and comparing diverse methods in Christian ethics. “Biblical and Practical Peacemaking” then guides the student into the peacemaking segment of such a holistic Christian ethic, with a special view to understanding the biblical and theological paradigm of just peacemaking as distinguished from just war and pacifism.

  • ET501 Christian Ethics
  • ET520 Biblical and Practical Peacemaking

Choose 3**

Students then fill out the remainder of the coursework for the emphasis with courses that focus on specific peacemaking practices and practitioners, as in the following courses:

  • ET528 Creation Care and Sabbath Economics
  • ET540 Peacemaking in Israel and Palestine (Travel Study)
  • ET543 The Theology and Ethics of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • FI515 Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and Clinical Practice
  • MD525 Poverty and Development

**Include up to 2 of the following

Within the remaining emphasis electives, students have the opportunity to engage in courses that provide additional context for and/or deepen the biblical, theological, and philosophical foundation of the concrete work of peacemaking.

  • CO521 Ethnic Identities in the Media
  • ET538 Politics and Policy
  • ET542 Faith and Politics
  • ET546 God and Globalization (PhD Seminar)
  • ET548 Philosophy of Justice (PhD Seminar)
  • MR556 Current Trends in Islam
  • NT556 Jesus, the Church, and Violence